Thursday, September 4, 2008

Kids Cooking Thursday goes interactive!

So here's the deal. Starting next week, I'm throwing open Kids Cooking Thursday open to the people. Your little people. Every Thursday, at the bottom of my KCT post, I'll have a Mr Linky. Just put the url of your KCT post (permalinks please!) in, and you're done. No waiting ages for round-up, no guilt if you are a day or two late. This is a weekly event, one that I blog regardless of if anyone comes, but it would be nice to have some variety in our kitchen.

So, the rules. (*repressing urge to make obscure Labyrinth quote here*)
1. You need to get your kids into the kitchen. (You don't need to post pictures of your kids, or post their names, but ages would be nice - my four year old won't be up to cooking what your eight year old makes! If you don't have kids, borrow someone else's, or post things you know kids can cook. Things you made with your mum, many moons ago, for instance, would make a great post.)
2. Kids Cooking Thursday is open to anyone with a blog that wants to join us by linking up to their child related cooking post.
3. So that things stay tidy and easy to find, please leave a permalink to your post, and not just the blog URL. You can get your post URL (permalink) by clicking on the heading of your KCT post, then copying the full URL from the browser bar.
4. Please mention Kids Cooking Thursday in your post and link back to my weekly KCT post here.

Feel free to use the banner or button on the sidebar too!


Dee said...

This is an excellent idea. We try to get the kid involved in the kitchen (my husband was taught to bake bread when he was eight!) but honestly, the tyke is a hazard. This is a good excuse to try again. If not this round, then soon.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to remake one of my childhood favorites.

NĂºria said...

Hi there!
I hope I followed your instructions correctly... since it works different from other events... please let me know if I have to do something else :D.

My post name is: Shy Omelet and here is the link:

Congrats for the Event! It's a wonderful idea.