Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kids Cooking Thursday: Toblerone Muffins

Mmmmm... muffins

The muffin itself was a bit bland. Needed more cocoa or sugar, or just a lot more chopped Toblerone. Perhaps if I'd chopped it more finely, then used another bar chopped chunky. The chunky bits on top when gooey, then chewy as they cooled down. Very tasty.

It could be from the melted chocolate, but this was the first muffin I've (we've) made that wasn't too dry for my taste. Even if the mix was so stiff I had to blob the mix in the cases instead of pour it. Hence the ugly shapes.

But they were very yummy. We all had two for afternoon tea.

Anyone got any suggestions for Master Three and Miss Two to cook next week?

Oh, and by the way, I'd just like to apologise for the crappy, crappy photos I take. All I have is the dodgy camera on my phone, because that's the only one we can get the photos off. We have an old Kodak digital that takes nice photos, but it doesn't have a usb connecting cable, and DP reinstalled his OS, and now can't get the drivers for it anymore. So until I win the lottery, or someone gives me a brand new camera that either connects via usb or takes SD or MMC cards, you're stuck with crummy phone photos. Sorry. Here's a crummy photo of Miss Two to make up for it.

Isn't she adorable?