Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday chicken parmas with chips
Tuesday meat on sticks with rice
Wednesday Steak, spuds & veg with onion gravy
Thursday Microwave mushroom risotto& chicken (with bacon & onion potatoes for DP)
Friday Danny's Tuna Casserole
Saturday Cheesy ham and mac bake
Sunday Egg & Ham jaffles

Since DP shelled out for Pizza on Thursday, the propsed chicken kebobs with rice has been switched to our regular pizza/take-away night. (Day between getting paid and doing shopping). I have a bit of an easy week this week. Only trying out 3 1/2 new recipes. Well, it's really 4, but DP doesn't eat rice, so I have to make him something else on Thursday. Got something really special planned for Kids Cooking Thursday this week too... you'll have to wait and see though!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to take photos of the pizza scrolls I made last night, but they were yummy, even if the dough did taste like scones. I don't like scones myself, but everyone else apparently does, so that recipe is a keeper again.