Monday, October 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Leftovers
Tuesday Steak + Salad Rolls (homemade rolls)
Wednesday Empanadas
Thursday Easy Chicken and Potatoes (slow cooker)
Friday Potato & Tomato Bake
Saturday Croquettes
Sunday Picnic on the waterfront

Bit of a slack week this week, but I'm making some changes with how I organise my home and schedule, so I want to have dinners fairly easy until I get into the swing of the new schedule. More to come on that soon, but in the meantime, if you haven't read the simple mom blog then you really should take a look. She doesn't make it all sound so easy, but she makes it sound so do-able. Do-able I like. Because if someone makes it all sound too easy, then I feel worse when I can't do it. I love her no frills approach to things, so much so that it's the only non-cooking blog I follow on a weekly basis.

As usual check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for literally hundreds of other menu plan blog posts, and don't forget to come back here for Kids Cooking Thursday


nellbe said...

hey :) I love simple mom as well.. she is great! The potato and tomato bake just sounds yummy!

Sandra said...

Great menu :) Yum on the empanadas.

My Menu Plan

Sherry said...

Great looking menu! We love empanadas and croquettes! :D

Have a great week!