Saturday, October 2, 2010

Virtual Girls Night In: The Indulgence Edition.

After all the fun we had last year, cooking pink food for the Virtual Girls Night In, I had to bring it back again this year.

This year, after a request that we not go with a pink theme, I thought we'd aim for Indulgence. A lot of Girls Night In events work on the theme of day spas, with at-home mud packs and giving each other pedicures. Now, I'm not about to break out the emery board, but we can still have an indulgent virtual event.

What I want you to do is cook yourself something indulgent. This could be that super complicated, triple chocolate, coffee, caramel, mousse monstrosity you always want to try cooking but couldn't justify, or something simple, like a risotto, when you are the only person in the house who eats rice, or maybe try your hand at making bath salts or a mud mask! However you choose to interpret the theme, I want you to treat yourself. Too many times we get caught up in being mothers, sisters, best friends, wives, and lovers, and forget to be just ourselves. So take a moment, and appreciate you for you.

Then after you've been dragged back to reality, write up your indulgence and drop me a line about it. Donating money to the Cancer Council is not required to enter this event, although it is kind of the point, but if I can reach my $50 goal, then I will give away a secret pack of goodies to a random participant.

The obligatories:

  1. Cook something on the theme of "indulgence", and take a photo.

  2. Write a blog post about it.

    • Posts need to include a link to this page and to the donation page. Feel free to use either of the above buttons to link back.

  3. Then email it to me at silvermoon[AT]tmbg[DOT]org including:

    • your name

    • the name of your blog

    • the permalink of your dish

    • the name of your dish

    • any other info about why you made what you made

    • a jpg of your dish. It should be no bigger than 300 pixels square, and named either with your blog name or the name of the dish.

  4. If you don't have a blog, feel free to send your photos and recipes directly to me, and I'll put them in the round up for you.

  5. Deadline is Tuesday 26th October (the day after Pink Ribbon Day) and round up will be posted late in the week.

Remember, you don't need to be in Australia to be able to donate!