Monday, January 24, 2011

Caramel Fohli

It's sad that even with two months for Taste & Create due to the holidays, I'm still pushing the very limits of my time. I was paired with Nammi from Chillies and Lime and while it didn't take long to narrow it down to a choice of two, of course I left it to the last minute to actually cook something. Every time I see Chocolate Fondant (or Molten Choc Cake, or Choc Lava Cake, as they can be called) I swear that this is the time I'm going to make them. But I have no ramekins, and the thought of trying to turn two at once out of a muffin tin scares me. So I made these instead.

Caramel Folhi is a delicious recipe for slightly sweet pancakes - crepes really, as you need to spread the batter really thin. This is a non-flip recipe, you roll them up and serve after cooking only on one side, so they need to be thin to fully cook, and also to be able to roll without breaking.

I had to make a double batch, to feed our horde of 5, but it was worth it, and I'll be bookmarking the recipe to use again.