Friday, February 18, 2011

Not dead, just missing.

Not how I wanted to celebrate this blog's third birthday.

Well, I'm not really missing, I'm still here. I'm just finding it hard to keep this blog up. It's hard to have cooking as a hobby when cash is tight. And while I am still cooking (we've still got to eat), surely no one wants to see me post the same things over and over again.

I'm going to take a break from posting here for a while. Things have been hectic with Miss Five starting school, and Master Six going back to school, and the next few months are going to tight money wise. I might still pop in with posts from time to time, and of course, the craft blog is still going strong, (Never Mind the Claw Marks) because that is set at two posts a week, and I have a heap of things still yet to share. Plus, people keep giving me free yarn (I heart enablers) so it's not an expensive hobby like creative cookery is.

While I'm on break I'll be thinking hard about what I want the future of this blog to be, and hopefully I can come back with some sort of more regular schedule to posting, because I can not keep up with 7 days a week posting and three children (and all my new yarn babies! lol).

Over the three years I've been writing this blog, a lot has changed. I've got from having a toddler and a little boy just starting kinder, to two children at school and a very active almost three year old. We've moved twice, and now live in our own home, with all the extra everything that entails. I've had big breaks before, when I've had to adjust to children growing up and new situations in our life, and I have no doubts I will be back. I just want to move the focus away from solely food and recipes, and start sharing other content, but in a more predictable, organised way than I have been in the past. I'll be using this break to amass a bunch of that content too, so I can have a bigger buffer of posts, so that I can be more flexible with when I actually need to sit down and write.

So, this is not goodbye, just a holiday. Here's where RSS feed readers and being a fan on Facebook come into their own, so you'll know when I come back, whether for one post or back properly.