Saturday, September 4, 2010

More hidden treasures

It's going very slowly on the hiding of treasures. I'd say that I'd go faster if I had more treasures ready to hide, and in my backpack, but I don't want to hide my things all in the same places every time, and I don't go to different places much. The school holidays are coming up soon though, and I hope to be going out and about getting more puppet head things done, and of course, entertaining the children.

Skateboarding Elmo on the brick letterbox outside a kinder/daycare centre.

Gingerbread man eraser in the hollow of a tree.

Club Penguin Fuzzhead keyring on a coin operated claw game, at my local shopping centre.

Purple crochet flower in one of the family change rooms at the pool where the kids have swimming lessons. Last one at the pool I promise!
Unfortunately, my phone ate this photo, so there is no evidence. :(

Status: 8/43