Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Davy Crockett In Outer Space

Today we had my SIL come over with her 4 children, Master 7, Master 5, Miss 3, and Miss 10-Months. It was an exhausting day, even though they mostly just played the wii. So when they left, I whipped up a simple dinner of wholemeal ravioli, peas, and a tub of light French onion dip as a sauce. Took ten minutes to make, and filled the hungry tummies, allowing me to collapse into a quivering mess on the couch. Only a week and a bit to go of the holidays. *sigh*

Here is Master One's current favourite song/video clip. It's on the new album/dvd from They Might Be Giants - "Here Comes The Science"

He's a huge fan of "Here Come the ABCs" so I've just ordered the Science and the 123s cd/dvd sets for the kids, as the older ones like TMBG too. I *heart* my geek kids.