Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner Fail

Sure it looks pretty tasty above, but let me tell you: if you don't have a fan forced oven, don't bother trying to cook a kangaroo roast. Or even a mini roast or two.

Kangaroo is a pretty touchy meat to cook, it's needs to be slightly on the rarer side or it goes tough, but too rare and it's not nice at all. Normally I stick to sausages, which cook like any other sausage, but I saw these mini roasts at 1/5th the usual price and couldn't resist. But my evil oven didn't cook hot enough, or something, and by the time I started carving it was, of course, too late. These weren't just rare in the middle, they were practically hopping out of the pan.

Good thing I cooked so many roast potatoes! And DP didn't mind that there was no meat, because I bribed him with dessert.

Honeycomb Mousse!

It's from a packet, but he didn't know that. Shhh!

Don't forget to think (and cook!) pink for the Virtual Night In, raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research. Time is almost up!


Muneeba said...

Awwww sucks! Having never cooked or eaten kangaroo, I'd have no idea how to roast one either ... but hey, points for presentation! Now if only we could do something abt your "evil oven".

SilverMoon Dragon said...

We are moving out of this house on the weekend. That ought to solve the evil oven problem!