Monday, October 5, 2009

Kangaroo Sausage Pasta

Not much to put here, I forgot to take a photo. It was just chopped kangaroo sausages, with pasta and a jar of sauce though. Since I didn't do much today, take a look here Huhcorp - They do stuff.

Don't forget to think (and cook!) pink for the Virtual Night In, raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer Research.


Kristen said...

When I saw your MPM post, my first thought was that "kangaroo sausage pasta" must be a euphemism, like "pigs in a blanket" or "toad in the hole".

Then I realized you live in Australia, and it probably is actually kangaroo sausage. =0 Is eating kangaroo fairly common down under?

SilverMoon Dragon said...

It's more common than it used to be, now most suburbian Coles and Woolworths will stock kangaroo, in mince, sausage and steak form. I used to eat it a lot, before I met DP, because it is very 98% fat free, high in iron and protein, and was cheaper than buying any other meat (including pet mince!). But DP doesn't really like the taste or smell of it, so I only grab the sausages when they are discounted, and save them for a night he will late home from work.

I think it has changed now, but a lot of the kangaroo meat for eating actually used to come from Texas! There used to be a law against farming a national emblem for food, so all kangaroo meat was imported (or else you got it straight from a land owner, under the table) but I'm pretty sure that's changed now.

Kristen said...

Only 2% fat -- that is amazingly lean. When I was hard core into losing weight, I bought a bunch of mail order ostrich meat because its crazy lean like that. But my DH won't eat that, so I'm sure he'd freak if I tried to serve Kangaroo ;)

That's so interesting -- Kangaroo farming in Texas!

Cakelaw said...

Sounds good to me! I have never had kangaroo sausages, but I am rather partial to a kangaroo steak.