Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids Cooking Thursday: Pirate Party

Today for something a little different, I'm sharing Master Six's birthday party. We played 'pass the parcel', 'snatch' and 'Capt'ns coming!' with plans to also play 'Arrr' and 'Treasure'. I got some of the games here, with Pass the parcel much the same as Suprise Package, only with wrapping paper instead of boxes, and Arr would have been Ha Ha Ha saying Arr instead of Ha. Treasure is a game Miss Four plays at swimming lessons, where an adult stands with the treasure behind their back, facing away from the children, they try to sneak up and steal the treasure. The adult periodically turns around, and anyone spotted moving goes back to the start line.

Capt'ns Coming was something I use to play back when I was in Cubs. It's a bit like Simon Says, with nautical themed pre-set actions. The game leaders yells out a phrase, and the kids have to do that action. The last person to do the action is usually 'out' but we just played for fun - and it was very cute to see Master One doing all the actions with them!

Capt'ns coming - Stand up straight and salute
Port - run to the left side of the room
Starboard - run to the right side of the room
Bow - run to the front of the room
Stern - run to the back of the room (we didn't use those two, because we have computers and the tv on those walls)
Man Overboard - lay on the ground and pretend you are drowning
Climb the rigging - stand up and pretend to climb, like a ladder

Man Overboard!

As well as all the yummy goodies in the pictures below, we also had sausage rolls, and gold wrapped chocolate coins. The tree in the middle of the buried treasure muffins was the bottom half of a green capsicum, toothpicked onto a carrot, which in turn was wedged into a hollowed out potato. The hummus 'boat' was a bath toy boat, that had a big hollow, for a little tug boat to sit in. I made a little sail with some cardboard and a sharpie, and poked a bamboo skewer through it for the mast. The pointy end was stabbed into a carrot stick, which I buried under the hummus in the tub, so it could not be seen.

Master Six blows out the candle

The spread

Birthday Booty

Buried Treasure Muffins

Hummus and Crudites


Master One getting his boogie on

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Conor @ HoldtheBeef said...

There's the tree! :)

What a great party, you did an excellent job with this! Looks like heaps of fun!


SilverMoon Dragon said...

I got so many compliments on that tree. I'd never have thought of it if I hadn't seen it on your site, so thanks again!