Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You are my sunshine...

My Only Sunshine, a short story by Emily Skaftun. Taken from the webzine Flurb, issue #8.

I have no idea where I came across Flurb, or who told me that this story in particular was a stand out, as it has been sitting in my "later" bookmark folder for quite a while. (My "later" folder is for all those interesting, but off topic links I know I will forget to get back to if not bookmarked, or sometimes just everything open in my browser when I realise it's after midnight and I need to go to bed!)

It's quite possible that this came via BoingBoing, or perhaps Neil Gaiman's facebook page, it does seem a bit Gaiman-esque.

It doesn't really matter where it came from, it's a great little story, and it won't take too long to read either.