Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This month I was paired with Edana from YUM FOOD. She has a great recipe for Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies, which I really wanted to make, but we don't have peanut butter chips here in Australia.

Miss Four and I decided to make them regardless, skipping the peanut butter chips, and replacing the chocolate chips with chunks of chopped chocolate from a block. We got 45 cookies from that recipe, but hours later, there is less than 30 left. Whoops.

Ugly, but tasty.


Cakelaw said...

Tasty is what is important. Love the cookie monster!

SilverMoon Dragon said...

Very tasty. Did you notice the bite out of the first cookie on the rack? I couldn't wait for the photo!

And then I had to bite another one so it would like Cookie Monster was in the midst of eating one too. (It's Master Two's Cookie Monster - shhh! He doesn't know I 'borrowed' it while he was asleep ;) )

Edana said...

I love the cookie monster! I'm glad they came out well :) I definitely ate all of mine in about two or three days, so I think it's okay to have 15 gone already!