Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memo to myself: Do the dumb things I gotta do...

Yes, it's another They Might Be Giants reference. A very apt one, because this post is all about doing the dumb things. More specifically, all the things on my lists of things I want to before I die, that either a)I think I can likely get done sometime in the next year, or b)I think I need to do while I'm still young and stupid.

This list also has things added just for this list, because I want to get them done within a year, and some silly things thrown in to make sure I remember to go out and deliberately have fun (something you can forget when you have three young children!)

Things to do before I turn 30 - A.K.A The Puppet Head List.

I have 54 weeks to go before I turn 30, so I have to one of these things roughly once a fortnight, so you can expect more posts on this theme. I did contemplate creating a new blog just for this project, but it's a pretty finite topic, and the internet is littered with these 12 month long dead blogs. I'll still be posting all the regular features here, just expect more fun stuff!

I'd love to hear any suggestions for items, or see your own lists - what would you love to do but keep putting off because you can't rationalise it to yourself?