Friday, May 9, 2008

Good Ol' Steak and 3 veg

I finally got my cooking groove back, but you'll have to wait till the next post to see why. Meanwhile, dinner tonight was simple, potatoes, carrots and half an onion steamed in one container in the microwave, broccoli steamed in a separate microwave container, pan fried steak, and gravy made with pan juices, potato steaming water, the other half of the onion, and a few sliced up 'shrooms. Nothing complex, just good old fashioned cooking, that took around half an hour to put together, and smelt like a million bucks. Didn't taste bad either, if I say so myself.

The picture above was DP's serve, which is why there is no gravy. The kids and I ate ours too quickly for me to think of getting a photo, and there DP's was, on the bench, waiting for him to finish some work he was doing.