Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Really good pasta with creamy sauce.

White wine and Garlic pasta with baby spinach and broccoli

Pasta with broccoli

I half cheated tonight. I used a jar of Dolmio Chicken White wine and Garlic sauce, but instead of frying up some chicken, I fried 3 short cut rashers of bacon, a roughly chopped onion, and 7 smallish button mushrooms. I had 500g of pasta on to boil with a head of broccoli which had been chopped into small florets.

Bacony goodies (before sauce)

After the bacony goodies had browned nicely, I added the sauce, stirred till mixed through, then thinned it down with approx a cup and a half of pasta water, and a half a cup of milk. Stirred through till it was a nice texture again (I added the water in 3 batches btw), and then threw in 2 small handfuls of baby spinach leaves. Then I finished draining the pasta/broccoli, and added that to the pan too, over the heat, so the sauce would coat the pasta evenly.

All in the pan

Served with a sprinkle of tasty cheese, but it really, really needed some freshly grated parmesan - which we didn't have. We didn't even have stinky pre-grated cannister parmesan, but we weren't missing much there. I made do with a grind of fresh pepper, and a generous sprinkle of salt, which really boosted the flavour, but made the whole thing very thirst inducing. Ah well, you make do with what you've got right?

There was even enough for one meal of leftovers!