Friday, May 9, 2008

Super Triple Choc Berry Brownies

Based on the recipe used here, I thought I'd give Jazzie's brownies another go. I was planning on doing these yesterday, so they'd be perfect to eat tomorrow, but since I didn't get to buy chocolate, I guess I'll have to make do with having them to eat on Mother's Day.

Differences: instead of using 185g of dark chocolate melted in, I used 80g of Cadbury's Desserts - Tiramisu flavour, a block we tried but no one liked much on it's own, and 40g each of two new flavours I saw at the shop, both dark: Old Gold with Raspberry (mmm, crunchy bits!) and Nestle Club Mixed Berry (mmm, berries!). Then when it came to adding in the chopped up chunks of chocolate, I used another 20g of the Tiramisu, plus what was left of the two blocks of dark chocolate. That didn't quite make up to the amount required, so I added some choc coated sultanas as well.

Fresh from the oven

After sitting for a few hours, some of the chocolate was still molten. I expect a few hours (ie, overnight) in the fridge will sort them, but I don't expect these to really hit their stride until Sunday - if I can get them to last that long.

The Nestle Club Mixed Berry is a really good block of chocolate, and no, they don't pay me to say that. (But hey, Nestle, if you want to pay me to try out and review your new chocolate flavours, I'd be more than glad to! Cadbury, that goes for you too! lol) It made such an awesome smell while these were baking. Although I think I'll go back to the standard format of melted dark choc, and chopped milk choc, trying a different substitute for the white choc next time (DP doesn't like white choc) I'll probably use the mixed berry choc for the melting again.

Initial still warm taste test: A little chewier than I remembered, but it was a crust piece. Tiramisu chocolate didn't take terribly well to being cooked, went a little crunchy/crumbly/chewy. Good thing I didn't use a lot of it. The berry chocolate was still gooey almost five hours after being taken out of the oven, but as I said, the fridge will fix that.