Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids Cooking Thursday: 4 Ingredient Rocky Road

This is roughly based on a recipe from the December 2008 issue of Super Food Ideas. It's only roughly based, because I can't find my copy of that issue, and no one I know seems to have it. Still, I knew my ingredients list, and thought I may as well have a stab in the dark at the quantities, because I've been craving rocky road so much.

4 Ingredient Rocky Road
125g marshmallows
150g chocolate coated Turkish Delight
50g chocolate coated honeycomb
500g chocolate (we used 250g each milk and dark)

Snip the marshmallows and Turkish Delight into pieces with kitchen scissors over a large bowl. (I like to use the fun size bags of Turkish Delight, because it starts in smaller bits. And because a packet is 180g, so there are two pieces spare "for sampling" when means more of your 150g will actually make it into the bowl.) Crush the honeycomb in it's wrapper, then empty into the bowl, breaking up any larger pieces.

Melt the chocolate on gentle heat in the microwave. Pour it into the large bowl, and mix thoroughly.

Line a mini muffin tray with mini patty cases. (You could line a loaf pan or lamington tin with baking paper or cling wrap, but I prefer to make bite size pieces, because I eat less of them, and they are good for parties.)Drop approx 1 Tbsp of mixture into each case. Make sure you scrape up the liquid chocolate from the bottom of the bowl occasionally, it's nice to get pieces with thicker chocolate sometimes.

Place in the fridge to set. Makes 26. Less if your cooks are too enthusiastic in their "sampling".

Sample? Who, me?

I didn't have any either Mum, honest!

If you can restrain yourself from eating these, they can be frozen with no harm, so that you can plan ahead for a birthday party, or simply keep yourself from eating them all at once.

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