Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rolling with ma homies...

Recently, I changed my site design. In an effort to 'clean up' the look of the side bar, I deleted the long list of blogs I follow, leaving only the links to the blog rolls for which widget display is a requirement of membership. Though I don't seem to be getting any traffic from them anyway, so perhaps I should just swap it back.

At any rate, there are blogs I follow, as well as blogs I keep in a folder for times I want to search through things, or want some "extra" food blog reading, but don't follow all the time. I try to keep the list of blogs in my reader down to one length, without needing to scroll the names, but I'm not very good at that. Every now and then I'll do a cull, keeping only the regular posters, and those most relevant to me, and moving the others to my blog bookmark folder.

I thought tonight, instead of my usual inane lazy dinner night link to something kooky online, I'd share with you my massive list of blogs I like (but don't necessarily read all the time! ;) ) Grap yourself a cuppa first, and perhaps consider making yourself a bookmark folder for some of these to get back to later... it's a looong list!

In no particular order...

The food blogs
Sunday Hotpants

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

Here's Something I Prepared Earlier

Nummy Kitchen

But I Had A Tiara

Canela and Comino

Natalie's Killer Cuisine

Dispensing Happiness

Hold The Beef

Mummarat's Nest

Laws of the Kitchen

Culinary Delights

David Lebovitz

Cookie Baker Lynn

What's For Lunch Honey

Kitchen Wench

Notitie van Lien

A Year of Slow Cooking

The mixed blogs
MEL: HOT OR NOT Restaurants and other things in Melbourne

Taylor Made In Oz TalesCraft, and personal stuff

Planning With Kids Cooking, craft, and organising