Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mojito Chicken Sandwiches

This tasty lunch was inspired by the post at Food for my family. I pretty much followed the marinade recipe exactly, just skipping the cayenne. I didn't follow anything else from that recipe though, so here's what I did.

I marinated 5 chicken breast minute steaks overnight in a zip lock bag.
Mojito marinade
2/3 cup Mojito
2 tbsp garlic infused olive oil
Juice from ½ of a lime
1 tbsp smoked paprika
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp salt
1 tsp fresh black pepper

I fried them over high heat for a few minutes on each side. After removing the chicken to a covered plate, I tipped the rest of the marinade into the fry pan, and boiled it at high heat until it had reduced down to about a third.

Scrummy mayo
2 tsp boiled down marinade
2 tsp ranch dressing
4 tbsp whole egg mayonnaise

Mix all together.

Slice some fancy rolls in half. I used Turkish Pide, but Ciabatta, or any nice crusty bread would do. Lightly brown the insides under a grill. Give each toasted side a liberal coating of the mayo mix. Top with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and a piece of chicken.

I served them with chips.

DP doesn't like raw tomatoes