Tuesday, April 8, 2008


To be more precise, it was Fusilli with Creamy tomato, mushroom and pinenut sauce, served with baby spinach that had been panfried with bacon and onion.

As complicated as all that sounds, it wasn't. The sauce was a Leggo's stir through sauce, thinned out with a bit of pasta water, and a healthy (or not so healthy, as the case may be) dollop of cream. Which was added to the pan after I fried some onion and bacon until golden and crispy respectively, then I added the baby spinach.

The kids love baby spinach. Even though Master Three insisted on calling it bok choy, and wanted to know where 'the rest of it' (the white stem part) was. Ah well, he ate the whole plate full without any prompting, threats of withheld dessert or anything. That happened with the Lemon Honey Chicken we had too... which had bok choy in it. Perhaps I should try serving more leafy green, instead of green beans or peas. Miss Two is wild about broccoli, and that's coming up a lot in the next two weeks, because I've been wanting it, but Master Three can be hit and miss with that.

Apart from bok choy and spinach, does anyone know of other green leafy vegetables? Preferably autumn or winter foods, since it's starting to get cold here, and I am trying to eat more local food, to increase shelf life, vitamin levels, and reduce the carbon footprint. That, and in season food tends to be a bit cheaper. Leave a comment, let me know!