Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Individual Beef Wellingtons

Recipe here.

I didn't use the pate listed in the recipe, but it tasted great all the same. Served with steamed carrots, potatoes, and just crisp broccoli. I also made some onion gravy, but the photo I took that had gravy in it didn't look as nice ;) But look! I even did the fiddly bits! (ie, there's a pastry leaf on top of the wellington)

Because I had an extra sheet of puff pastry thawed, I whipped up a quick dessert too. Sliced the sheet into 5 strips, sprinkled the lot with brown sugar (but should have used honey as well, or at least a lot more sugar), and then scattered frozen raspberries and blueberries on top. Then I rolled each strip up like a swiss roll, sealing the edges shut.

Two strips left, before rolling. Please excuse the glare from the flash - that blue plastic stuff is deceptively shiny

Like I said, they could have used more sweetness, especially where the raspberries were, but they must have been pretty good, because they were snaffled up before I could get a 'cooked' photo, and nobody complained!