Thursday, April 3, 2008

Meat on sticks...

You might call them Honey Soy Chicken Kebobs, but in our house, it's meat on sticks. A favourite I really have to serve around once a fortnight, whether with rice or noodles, or I get in trouble from Master Three. The butcher marinated them, I just threw them under the griller. Oh, and I put rice in a pot with water and seasonings. Yup, I went to real effort with tonight's dinner.

Yes I know it's Thursday, but the kids didn't cook today. I hit the 32 week mark today, and haven't been sleeping well lately, so I just didn't have the energy. We were going to make this for the MasterBaker's Easter challenge, but like I said - no energy, and the kids are just as happy eating the eggs plain to tell you the truth. It's sad, because we really don't eat a lot of homebaked goods in this house, even though the kids love cooking them. I hear that if we move back to the town where all my family live, then my nephew is going to be coming around to experiment cook with me, and apparently his family are happy to eat the food, they just don't give feedback. Ah well, at least it won't go to waste then!

Excuse the poor photo quality tonight... I'd already started eating so couldn't be bothered setting things up just perfect. Plus, that also meant it was on the dining table instead of in the kitchen where the light quality is infinately better.

And now I'm off to go pack my labour bag. I've got 6 things packed in it so far. That's taken me 6 hours (which includes cooking/eating dinner time, and putting kids to bed). Now I have to pack a bag with baby stuff, and a bag of things for me for my actual stay. Sure, I could fit the lot into one bag, but it's easier not to have to dig through towels to get to my energy snacks or water, and likewise with baby gear, or clothes later on. Plus, this way I get to write 3 lists instead of one. I like writing lists. It's the only virgoan thing about me.