Monday, August 31, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Monday Creamy Tomato & Onion Gnocchi
Tuesday Pizza
Wednesday Freezer Suprise
Thursday Lasagna
Friday Macaroni with Meatballs
Saturday KFC
Sunday Sandwiches

It was a very busy week this week, with lots of going out, and lots of people dropping past, so not a lot of "real" cooking got done again. Not Happy Jan. I feel terrible with all this rubbish in me. On the plus side, lots of cool link posts for you this week.

As usual, check out I'm an Organizing Junkie for literally hundreds of other menu plan blog posts, and don't forget to come back here for Kids Cooking Thursday.


darnold23 said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this. I hope you will join me at Dining With Debbie for Crock Pot Wednesday. Mister Linky is up and ready for you to enter.