Friday, August 14, 2009

Odds and Ends Pasta

If you take a 59 cent bag of pasta, and add a $1.59 jar of no name pasta sauce, you have the perfect base to clear out anything out of your fridge or cupboards that needs to go.

Example: tonight's pasta featured celery, onion, rinsed off baked beans, mushrooms, some chopped artichoke hearts, a dash of non-alcoholic red wine, bbq chicken cup-a-soup mix, and a teaspoon of mustard. Sounds strange, but it all got eaten, and for once Master Five didn't complain about being hungry afterwards (thank you baked beans!). Throw some shaved cheese on the top and voila, aren't we fancy? (Vegetable peelers make great thin "shaved" slices of cheese)

So for just over $2, you can clear out your fridge, and still rest easy knowing that it was a "proper" meal before you started.