Sunday, August 16, 2009

Who says I can't have TimTams for dinner?

We spent most of the day at DP's parents house today, an hour and a half drive away. Actually, we were only there for about two hours, for lunch. The rest of the day we spent travelling to and fro.

They fed us some delicious homemade hamburgers, the recipe of which I unfortunately do not have to share. But that left all of us in no mood for a full sized dinner tonight, so the children had sandwiches. (Except for Master One - gotta love those Heinz Little Kids non-baby food cans in the cupboard as standbys! They are great for Pizza night too! lol)

I'm off to make some lunches for Master Five now, our stock of frozen rolls in the freezer is getting low, and he does so love getting his lunchbox ready every night himself. (A post for another night perhaps). But while we are talking about school lunches, check out the dedication here!

Lunch Bag Art

I tried doing this, with sharpies, on the ziplock bags my son got his sandwiches in. Thought it would be cook if I could do it from Prep onwards. I got two weeks in and gave up. Perhaps if I worked in an office and had a lunch break too, then I might have had the time. Also, the lack of talent didn't help.