Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crunchy goodness all round!

We had a bit of a feast tonight. Unfortunately there isn't much to post about, because the chicken came pre-split and marinated from Coles, and we had crunchy smashed spuds and this salad on the side. The potatoes I just boiled in their skins, in a pot of water with some Maggi seasoning added. When they were cooked, I drained them, and smooshed them lightly with a fork. Then I placed them in an oven tray that I'd sprayed with oil spray, sprayed the potatoes, and lightly salted them, before adding a quick grind of fresh pepper.

Using spray oil is the key for smashed potatoes, because if you use pouring oil, and try to toss them, they fall to bits.

Then just roast them in the same oven as the chicken, 50 minutes @ 180C.

It really is a shame I don't have the recipe for this chicken, because it was so moist and flavourful. Also so cheap, as it was on sale this week for $7! Sooo good... If you get a chance to try the Whole Split Lime & Coriander Chicken sold at Coles, I urge you to give it a go!