Friday, March 19, 2010

Warm Lime Pudding

Taste & Create time again, and this month I was partnered with Carol from No Reason Needed. Deep in her archives (Dec '07) I found a delicious sounding pudding, I thought perhaps might be what we call Self Saucing Pudding here in Australia (It wasn't). I don't usually have lemons around, but I've been on a lime kick lately, so I do have those. The recipe here for Warm Lemon Pudding is exactly what I used, only with (3) limes instead of lemons. It took longer to cook than I expected, perhaps because I used the bottom shelf of my oven, perhaps because it was supposed to be runnier than I thought. I eventually took it out of the oven when the top had set. Even after that, the middle was still goopy. I guess that's how it's meant to be.

Goopy, but delicious looking

I garnished it with a sifting of icing sugar, and a hefty sprinkle of hot chocolate mix, then each serve got a scoop of ice cream, and another sprinkle.

No extra sprinkle for Master One, his ice cream was too photogenic!

The chocolate and lime flavours made my tongue do a happy dance. It served all 5 of us, just. With ice cream. After a big dinner. It was filling, but I could have eaten more. It was kind of like inverse Chinese food - you can eat heaps while you are eating but feel so full 5 minutes later.