Saturday, March 13, 2010

Kids in the Kitchen: the round up!

This was a very small and intimate gathering for my blogoversary. Perhaps next time I'll have a party for grown ups, and leave the kids cooking for Kids Cooking Thursdays. At any rate, we had fun, and met a new (to us) blogger, and hopefully helped ignite some imaginations of readers with children, to see that cooking with kids isn't so scary after all.

Lisa and Minichef Isaac from Sunday Hotpants made us some adorably cute Pies in jars that look almost too good to eat!

Cherrie from Sweet Cherrie Pie and her gorgeous daughter Deanna made us some Pineapple Slice

And of course we made something too -

Rainbow Flag Biscuits

And the winner is...

Congratulations, Cherrie, this cute pan will be on it's way to you and Deanna soon!

For everyone commenting that they wanted to join in, but ran out of time, or forgot, or any number of numerous things life throws in the way when you have children, Kids Cooking Thursdays runs every week here, operated by Linkys, so feel free to come back at anytime and join in with that!


Sunday said...

Thanks so much for running this event! Isaac and I had fun making our entry. It's a shame there were not more little people wanting to enter, all the more reason to keep doing these great kitchen posts with kids :)
If you ever want to do it again Isaac and I would love to take part :)

SilverMoon Dragon said...

We host a smaller, sans-giveaway, weekly kids cooking event called Kids Cooking Thursday, by way of McLinkys, if you'd like to come back for that. Just turn up anytime after about 10am on a Thursday, and leave a permalink to Isaac's latest kitchen exploits!

Miss Four is quite vocal about it being time to cook with me every Thursday after she gets home from kinder, just in case I ever forgot!

Andrea at Nummy Kitchen said...

This was such a great event and I'm sorry we missed it! I'd had it bookmarked to participate but things just got extra busy around here -- as it does easily with little ones :)

All of the dishes look wonderful, what a sweet way to celebrate! Happy Blogoversary!

Tiffany said...

I totally meant to do this. I even cooked with two of my kids, two different recipes and took pictures. But, alas, I did not get a chance to blog about either one in time. Sorry I missed out.

SilverMoon Dragon said...

We do a smaller, similar event weekly, called Kids Cooking Thursdays, if you would like to get involved but missed out this time.

It's run with Linkys, so all you have to do is turn up...