Monday, July 19, 2010

Potato and Zucchini Pancakes

I just have one thing to say about these potato and zucchini pancakes I made from my partner site for this month's Taste & Create, My Green Mouth - make a double batch. At least. Maybe a triple batch. I made a double batch, and it wasn't nearly enough for the 5 of us. Ok, it was enough, but not enough, if you know what I mean. Much in the same way that two potatoes if enough per person, unless you roast them, and then you need to provide at least four.

These are tasty, tasty goodies, and I need to make them again. Soon. I followed the recipe as directed on the above link, only doubled, so I won't write it again here. Except, instead of serving them with somewhat healthy Greek yogurt, we had ours with sour cream and salsa. Great for kids who don't like vegies, even better if you have weird kids like mine who do!

My food processor made short work of this!

So far, so good...

Epic fail - did I mention I'm bad at flipping fritters?

I got the hang of it by the second one though