Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids Cooking Thursday: Cake Mix Cookies

Inspired by Cupcake Project, (even though I did it myself yonks ago) I thought we'd make cake biscuits. Because I'm lazy, and broke, we used a 65 cent bag of cake mix instead of making cake batter from scratch, and added a cup of tiny chocolate chips. Followed the directions on the pack, only cutting in half the cooking time. I didn't managed to get any photos until the second tray full was in the oven though, so no cute kid-stirring-batter pics this week :(

It's a good method to use when you have cake mixes to get rid of, or the kids want to make biscuits but don't have 'real' ingredients in the house. This makes a thin, chewy biscuit too, so it would be great for ice cream sandwiches.

Batter waiting for the tray in the oven to be free

Cooling rack chock full of goodies!

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