Monday, July 7, 2008

Another quick note....

Just jumping on here between feeds to let you all know I haven't forgotten about you. Our freezer bit the dust during the move, so I've not been doing any meal planning, or much "real" cooking at all. We've had internet for ages, but I've not had the time to sit down much and play, what with around 5 years of my life in boxes still - some of which haven't been opened since I moved out of my ex-husband's place over 4 years ago. And both my boys were in hospital last week. Master Four spent 4 and a half days in with asthma again, and Master One-Month-Old spent 4 days in because he was having weight issues. So I was in hospital for almost a whole week - 6 days of hospital food, or cafeteria food or cheese and biscuit snacks. I think I need to rethink the snacks packed in the hospital bag.

Oops, sounds like my leisure time is up. Will make an effort to post something food related soon, if not this week.