Friday, July 18, 2008

Chunky Potato, Corn & Bacon Soup

Chunky Potato, Corn & Bacon Soup

I didn't change anything from the recipe, except I didn't add the parsley at the end.
DP said he liked it, when questioned, and Miss Two ate most of hers (left quite a few piece of potato in the bowl though). Master Four had to be bribed with a combination of the mention of dessert, and a counting of mouthfuls to earn said dessert to get him to eat his, but it didn't seem like he didn't like it, just that he was feeling stubborn and he knows it pushes my buttons if he doesn't eat any dinner. Mostly I think it was he just wanted to leave the table to go back to the Diego game I rented from the video shop for him (DP's brother just gave us his old PS2). Needless to say, there was no more playing of games after dinner was served, even after he finished his dessert - by then it was past bed time. My oven is evil and wouldn't stay lit, severely lengthening the amount of time it took to cook the rolls.

Eventually they were cooked...

Dessert is coming up in a seperate post, for means of simplicity.