Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pizza Scrolls


Here's another tried and true recipe I've done before, but this time I thought I'd try something different. Somewhere in the multitude of reviews on the recipe at, someone mentioned they'd made this with puff pastry instead of using the scone-like dough in the recipe. This idea appealed to me, as I liked the concept of these rolls, but not the actual dough, although DP quite likes them. Also made them a lot quicker to make too.

Master Four polished off his, and half his sister's (she made up for it by stealing half his soup) and asked for more. Normally he'd nibble at one and then leave the rest, so perhaps this is a better way of doing things. Next time I'm going to try using bread dough made in the bread maker, either cooking scrolls in the oven, or squishing them together in the bread maker's pan and cooking as a pizza bread loaf - that might be interesting! I'll be sure to post it either way, and keep you all up to date with the best way to Pizza Scroll!


nellbe said...

I love the idea of these... I bet my little man will love them too!