Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pizza Scrolls - partying the Blog Party way.

Ah, at last. I've been blogging for *quick check* oh! Exactly a month! Wow. That flew by. Well, as I was saying, I've been blogging for a whole month now, and I'm finally achieving the main goal I had when I started blogging. I wanted to take part in one of Stephanie's Blog Parties, over @ Dispensing Happiness. Last month I was just too busy, and too tardily informed, to break out the deep fryer for fried foods, but this month's theme is ever so kid friendly, and I had the perfect recipe too... It's Pizza Time!

Now, if you look back to my first ever post, the original Menu Plan Monday, posted one month ago today, you'll see that I had this recipe down to be made on the last day (Sunday) of that week. If you were to skip ahead one week to the next Menu Plan Monday post, you'll that I did indeed make them, I wasn't impress, but everyone else was, so I said I'd make them again. (Or you could just take my word for all of that, and not have to dive through my archives at all.)

Recipe here for mini scroll pizzas!

For those who aren't aware, blog party is a monthly blog event, in the form of a cocktail party. All food must be able to be eaten with one hand, and be provided with some kind of beverage to go in the other hand.

These cute little scrolls pass the one hand test... DP is proving it to me right now as he types away with his other hand. Just a few tips that don't seem to be on the recipe: if your oven in fanforced, drop the time down to 25 mins (and the temp down to 200°C if it's a hot oven like mine), and don't try and substitute greased alfoil for the baking paper... it doesn't really work.

As for a drink, well Stephanie, I'm sorry I can't be more inventive, as tired as I am, but I did have a couple of suggestions. What is the perfect drink with pizza? Coke of course! And what can you do with Coke? Well, if you are strange, like myself, or my sister who taught it to me, or the Yugoslavian (I think) ex-DJ who taught it to her, you mix it with red wine. A cheap trick I used many a time in my misspent youth to make the most unpalatable goon juice taste drinkable, I even developed a fondness for this drink, but failed to ever convince any of my friends it was good. I did get a few to try it, but even they were of the opinion I was nuts. Mix red wine (cask of course - we're thinking teenager's budget here!) with Coke, in what ever quantities you prefer.

I'd post a photo of this too, but since I am 29 weeks pregnant, I currently don't consume alcohol or caffeine, and so have none of the necessary ingredients on hand. Also no way of getting rid of said drink once photographed, since DP doesn't drink either of the included beverages, and the housemate is still on holidays.

I'd better go and pack some of these away into a freezer container for an easy Sunday dinner one Grandparent visiting night, or spur of the moment picnic food. I have to be quick, because DP (who was asleep during dinner - catching up on the last four nights!) has already demolished five of them, and blatantly admits he has no plans of stopping at all. Thus endangering almost a whole batch... out of 24, we only have 13 left! Good thing I made a double batch. I've tried to like these, but you really have to like scones to like these I think, and I just can't do it. But, they are tasty enough to have as a meal, I can eat them without making a face (not something every scone can boast of! lol) and DP and the kids like them. Like I said last time... a keeper!

This has been an entry for Blog Party #32: Pizza Party, hosted by Stephanie @ Dispensing Happiness