Monday, March 24, 2008

Lemon Honey Chicken

Lemon Honey Chicken with Onion, Capsicum and Bok Choy
500g skinless chicken breasts (about 2), thinly sliced
1 large brown onion, sliced in half, then in thin chunks
1 green capsicum, sliced in thin strips
1 baby Bok Choy, sliced into bite sized strips/pieces
2 tbsps honey
2 tbsps water
1 (100g) pkt McCormick's Lemon Chicken with Honey concentrated sauce base
rice or noodles to serve

Lightly brown onion at high heat, then add the chicken in batches. When the chicken is brown, add the capsicum and the whites of the bok choy. Stir in the flavour base, honey and the water. Simmer for around 10 minutes, or just let boil/fry on high heat until your rice is ready and the sauce is the consistency you'd like (as I did ;) ) Add the bok choy leaves, stir quickly then remove from heat and serve.

Hey, it may be cheating to use a premade sauce concentrate, but it was worth it. Although Master Three proclaimed that Lemon Chicken was "yuck" several times during the day, after hearing the response to his frequent "what are we having for dinner?" there was no such dramas at the dinner table itself. I told him it was Lemon Honey Chicken, and that he liked lemon, and honey so he had to eat it all. By the time I got to the table after dishing out the adult serves, half of it was gone, and he was barely pausing for breath in between shovelling his mouth as full as it could get. His only comment? "I love Lemon Chicken!" And everyone else liked it too. So... we have another keeper.

When I decided to make this, I was thinking of the powdered sauce mix, that was a yellow packet, with a purple stripe for the heading, and it had snow peas and baby corn spears in the serving suggestion picture. I can't remember the brand, but either it's not made anymore, or my local independant supermarket simply doesn't stock it. That was a lovely sweet lemony flavour, not highly authentic tasting, but delicious, and I'd had a hankering for it. The flavour base sauce however, made a dark soy-sauce coloured sauce, very authentic chinese type flavour. It was delicious, but not quite what I personally was after. Now I wish I had brought home the two leftover slices of my LMP back from my mother's house. Sure, I've got more lemons, but they are earmarked for ice cream. Lemon and Speculaas ice cream. really, I should stop my pointless anti-dishes strike, clean up the kitchen, and go make that now. That would satisfy my need (it's not quite a craving) for swett lemony things. And seriously, even though all the dishes were dirtied by me cooking for everyone else in the house, no one appears to have noticed the piles growing, so I'll end up having to do them myself anyway. *sigh*

Meh. Be on the look out for that ice cream soon...


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