Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cheesy ham and macaroni bake

Recipe here.
The recipe called for 2 1/2 cups of macaroni, making it 5 cups, since I was making a double batch. But unfortunately 500g only equals just under 4 cups. This might have been a little more filling with that little bit more pasta. Serves 8, my well padded posterior! But we discussed this over dinner, and since the recipe was for cold pasta slice for lunches, we allowed that lunch serves can be smaller since they come with fruit and a juice box, and that eating it hot might serve 4 adults. When feeding 3 adults and two toddlers, you'll need dessert.

Despite an initial refusal to eat from Master Three because it "smells yuck" (smelled fine to the rest of us) I had to act quick to get a close up, since I forgot before dishing up. Again. I think I need a post-it note or sign on my crockery cupboard reminding me to take a photo before dishing up. As you can see, you almost missed out. ;)

The second batch (which I actually cooked first, earlier this afternoon) is sitting in the freezer, and will make a nice light meal with dessert, perhaps fruit salad or something else not too greasy, to counteract all the cheese, or a rather hearty meal for us, on a night when the housemate is not home.