Thursday, March 20, 2008

CMOT Dibbler's Sausages Inna Bun

"And then you bit into them, and learned once again that Cut-me-own-Throat Dibbler could find a use for bits of an animal that the animal didn't know it had got. Dibbler had worked out that with enough fried onions and mustard people would eat anything.
— (Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures)"

Lots of onion-y goodness

There's not a lot to say about tonight's dinner, except perhaps that it wasn't the best idea for feeding a pregnant woman with a predilection for heartburn. It was very tasty though.

Our lovely butcher provided us with some garlic and onion sausages that most likely, the closest they'd been to a pig was from sitting near the pork chops on the other side of the room (but they were beef sausages, so that's ok), and although by the time they were cooked, the pan was swimming with sweated out fats, I drained the sausages well, so that was all good. Hot dog rolls toasted under the griller, and spread with french mustard, and then heaped with fried onions. And a splash of tomato sauce, mostly for DP's benefit, since he doesn't like mustard. (I didn't put mustard on his, but the kids and I ate it).

When I'd finished, I was kinda disappointed I'd only made one each, but two hot-from-the-oven Hot Chocolate Buns (as Master Three called them) filled the gaps, and now that I'm suffering the aftermath, I'm glad I did only have one. So, very CMOT Dibbler-ish in that respect I guess. See what lengths I go to for accuracy? *stands up* "Hi, I'm Silver, and I'm a blog event-oholic" *sits*

Seriously though, this has been an entry for the Spring 2008 edition of Novel Food hosted by Lisa @ Champaign Taste and Simona @ Briciole

***EDIT*** Novel Food round-up is here


Simona said...

Glad you left a comment on Lisa's blog about your post, since it looks like the communication did not go through. I enjoyed reading your post: the quote is funny and your story quite engaging. Thanks for participating in our event!