Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spaghetti Jaffles

In an effort to encourage cross-continental understanding, I didn't just declare tonight a lazy dinner night and post an interesting link. I went to the trouble of taking a photo of the jaffles I made for the kids (DP had some cheese ones) just so the American readers I have can truly understand what a jaffle is.

As you can see, it's just a toasted sandwich, but note the sealed edges. That allows for runny things like tinned spaghetti, leftovers, savoury mince, chilli (if you eat it) to get sealed in, and cooked without making too much mess. You need a jaffle iron to make this though, so be hitting eBay because my DP tells me you can't buy them in America. You poor things.

It's very handy on a night when you don't want a big dinner, or are feeling too lazy (or ill/tired/pregnant) to cook. And the kids love them.

So, that's my community service announcement for tonight, tune in tomorrow for menu plan monday, and now I'm going to watch the CSI/Without a Trace crossover.


Katrina said...

The best thing for leftovers, baked beans, 1 whole egg or whatever else you can find to go in there.

Brett Robb said...

so popular is the humble jaffle, that you can now buy them ready made and frozen to microwave... can you believe that? Like putting something between two pieces of bread is too difficult, McCain have to do it for you now?

Anonymous said...

In North American it's just called a sandwich grill and you can get them by cuisinart or by hamilton beach quite commonly at the drugstore or at your target/myers type establishment. Yes, we sell more than drugs at drugstores. We're a bit weird that way.

Thanks for being the first thing that came up when I googles spag jaffles.

Siobhán said...

I just googled "jaffles" in an attempt to explain them to others here in Ireland and your blog came up! :) We have sandwich toasters here, and they are really so much nicer than just plain grilled cheese sandwiches. Must get a tin of spaghetti now for a bit of nostalgia... :)