Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Menu Plan... er, Tuesday?

Monday Chow mein
Tuesday Cheesy Chicken patties, mashed spuds, steamed veg
Wednesday Chicken & vegtable pies
Thursday Spiral pasta bolongnese ala SilverMoon
Friday Fish & Chips
Saturday Honey, garlic & chilli chicken skewers, rice
Sunday Broccoli & bacon pasta bake

This was supposed to go up yesterday, obviously, but I caught a big case of the lazies. We were supposed to have the Chowmein on Tuesday, and Tuesday's dinner on Monday, but I really couldn't get the enthusiasm up for such an elaborate procedure, to end up with patties. Then I found we didn't have enough cheese anyway. So last night I didn't bother to blog, considering the chow mein was leftovers, that had already been blogged about. And I totally forgot about Menu Plan Monday. Oops.