Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kids Cooking Thursday: Mars Bar Mud Cake

I don't like posting catch up posts, let me just say this now. I managed to get some drafts in for all the posts I missed while my computer was having an internal makeover (new o/s install), so everything should get datestamped accurately. And I even remembered to take photos, for a change. But what I didn't think to do was jot down a rough draft of the text for each post. I quite often do this, like when I have made a casserole for the freezer, but don't intend to blog it till we've tried eating it. The thing is, I'm somewhat attached to my technology. Instead of grabbing a pad of paper, and a pen, I automatically sit down here and open a new notepad file.

I have scores of these: one for my son's upcoming birthday party (what will happen @ party, and what I need to do before hand), one for what I will pack in my labour bag, I was using one for my monthly menu planning, till I found a spreadsheet template that looked like a calendar (and auto wrote dates/days in for me). I still have that old menu plan txt file, because I use it for inspriation, and to keep track of what each fortnight has had. I have one that tells me every birthday/occasion that needs a present bought for in the year, and what date, in a nice long list, and another one the same, that I write in what I plan to buy, and then delete names as I buy something for that birthday. I have a big family, and I usually start xmas shopping in July, so that list is a necessity.

So here's the problem. With my profile backed up, all my files were saved, but I couldn't write new ones. Yes, not only did I barely have access to the net, I had no access at all to my beloved notepad. So the thought of taking notes for a rough draft of a blog never crossed my mind.

So consequently, I really don't have much to say about this mud cake the kids and I made. Except what it says in reviews on the recipe site, and that is that this doesn't really make a mud cake, it's more of a brownie result. But with brownies this good, who cares?

I'd been running around doing too much all day... taking our housemate to the airport, making soup for dinner (had to get that done early 38°C today), getting bread mix in the machine to make dough for bread rolls, freezing up the ice cream mix I'd made and put in the fridge the night before, so by the time I got to cooking with the kids, it was 4pm. And this took ages to cook. But it was good. It came out of the oven just as we settled down to dinner, and although it was not completely cooled when we ate it, it was still good. Especially with a scoop of fresh home made vanilla bean ice cream. *grinz*

After going in the fridge overnight, these go chewier, and less crumbly/cakey, and more fudgey, just like a good brownie should be. It's very rich though, so eat it warm with ice cream, or cold with a big glass of ice cold milk. I'm such a kid sometimes!