Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bolognese ala SilverMoon

I posted the recipe for this the other day, coincidentally when it was cooked - tonight I just reheated a defrosted bag of sauce from the freezer. Well, mostly defrosted. Actually, that's not really true. I pulled the bag out of the freezer at 1pm, and by quarter to six, about 1cm deep all around was defrosted. But it was enough for me to be able to break it into chunks, which then defrosted in exactly the same amount of time it took for my big pot of salted water to boil for the pasta.

For DP and the kids, I served it as is, just topped with a little cheese, but in what was left I added a bit more salt and some freshly ground pepper, and a little squeeze of pre-chopped basil I had in a tube - not a usual purchase. That I dished up for housemate and myself, also topping with some grated cheese. Nothing extra special, but nice all the same.

The camera is due to arrive tomorrow, so hopefully this will be the last post with tiny, blurry pictures.