Monday, August 18, 2008

Bailey's Chocolate Fudge

Or, A cop out on dinner, and some birthday goodies...

My Menu plan was posted only 5 hours ago, and I'm already changing things. I slept in pretty badly this morning, I actually got up after the MPM post went up (yay for scheduling!). So having a slow cooked meal to day was out of the question, unless we wanted to eat at 10pm. So it's Freezer Suprise tonight as well, but as tomorrow is my sister's birthday, the kids and I made some goodies I've been planning to make for ages, but never got around to. To be fair, one of my other sisters' sons was going to come around and make it with me, but he got alternately sick, busy, lazy, and busy again.

Head over to for the recipe. I used 70% organic chocolate, which made it a little dark for my tastes, but my sister likes really dark chocolate, so that's ok.