Saturday, August 23, 2008

Malibu & Coconut Truffles

Mmmm, chocolate...

Ok, so I almost managed to follow this recipe. Everything except the outside coating.
This is from Taste.Com.Au, and they are supposed to have a white chocolate coating with coconut. I used dark chocolate because that's what my sister likes, and I made these for her birthday. (Yes, I know the kids and I made her fudge too - it's her birthday, and I like to cook ok? And I like to cook sweet things. Especially when I can give them away and not have them sitting around the house taunting me until I eat them.)

As you can see above, I coated them all in dark chocolate, then I rolled five in coconut (the bright white ones reflecting the camera flash glare), five in a mixture of cocoa and icing sugar (because dark choc is bitter enough without adding pure cocoa) and two were rolled in very fine crunchy cake crumbs, from the failed parts of the mud cake I baked earlier.

This was the most time consuming, fiddly, finicky recipe I'd ever used. It took 4 days, and the centres still never firmed up properly. I had to coat these by leaving the tray in the freezer, pulling them out one at a time, then putting the finished product straight back into the freezer on another tray. The filling tasted great, there was just too much alcohol for it to set properly. I'd use it again, as it's a great flavour combination, but I think I'll provide strawberries and other fruit, and use it as a dessert fondue recipe. She's just lucky she's worth it, that's all I can say.