Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kids Cooking Thursday: Pretzel Butterflies

This was a lovely simple thing to "cook" today, which was handy as we went out for lunch, and were tight for time this afternoon. I got the recipe and idea from the August 2008 issue of Australian Good Taste (the safeway food magazine).

Cut a stick of celery into 2 10cm lengths. Fill centre with cream cheese. Stick two pretzels (bumps pointing out) into the cheese as wings. Place 3 sultanas in a line down the body, and then either use two broken pieces of pretzel, or the "V" from the middle of the pretzel to make the antenna. Place that into the cheese above the wings.

Master Four looking pleased with his butterfly and himself

Miss Two thought they were a riot!

Then devour!

Those poor dismembered corpses!

Short and sweet this week, but the kids had fun, and afternoon tea, and I don't end up with an expanding waistline and/or a freezer full of cake/sweets I'm bound to end up eating by myself.