Saturday, August 2, 2008

Homemade sausage rolls

I didn't get out to do the shopping until after lunch yesterday, which meant it was too late to start the pea soup, so we had leftover Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup from the freezer for dinner last night. To make up for the lack of post (since what can I really say about leftovers I blogged about last week?) here's a pic I took today of Master Eight-Week-Old.

Isn't he cute?

Tonight we had the sausage rolls I'd spent all afternoon cooking.

Today's bounty

Now my freezer is restocked again, after having Miss Two and DP demolish the last of our sausage roll stock while I was in hospital recently with the boys. I tend to make these every two months or so, because I like to always have some in the freezer, in case of emergency meal failure due to un-defrosted (would that be frosted?) meat, or not being here to cook, or just plain laziness. It's good to have a standby I can have on the table in under 10 minutes straight from the freezer, and it's even better because I know pretty much what's in them too (aside from the sausage mince - I'm not sure I want to know what's in that anyway.) Last time I made these with 100% beef mince instead of sausage mince, but it failed miserably. Now we live near a Coles that has Roo mince, so despite the fact that DP doesn't like eating roo, I really want to try making roo meat sausage rolls. perhaps I can half the recipe or something, make them for a party.

Speaking of parties, I've served these at all my kids parties and they always go down a treat. That's why this is my submission for the Perfect Party Dishes blog event over at Dhanggit's Kitchen. Her gorgeous little girl is turning one, and she needs party dishes. The great thing about these is you can dress them up or down as you like. I've changed the herbs, tried different meats (as I said above, you need sausage mince, but you can use half that and half other meat). Those vegies spreads Kraft and Ixl are good for making them a little fancier, or you could add pesto or semi-dried tomatoes. Just don't leave out the apple - that's the secret to this recipe. The recipe, of course, (if you didn't click the link above) is in one of my earlier posts, from when I made them a while ago.
So Happy 1st Birthday Mayumi. May it be merry, and free from tears, and may there be many more to come.

***Round-up is here! Head on over to Dhanggit's Kitchen to see what everyone else made.***


Dhanggit said...

These sausage rolls are fantastic and indeed perfect for parties!! but nothing beats the cuteness of your little boy!! he is really adorable! Thanks for this delicious entry!

ps, im terribly sorry for taking time to visit. i had a problem with my internet connection :-) see you at the round-up!

hot garlic said...

I clicked over from Dhanggit's site. Your rolls sound fantastic and how fantastically Australian! I live in Sydney myself at the moment, a transplant from America. I have been educated in the fine art of the Sausage Roll for the last few months since I got here, your recipe sounds really great.

Anyway, great job on the contest.