Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Eats

If you need me to tell you how to assemble a burger or make mac and cheese, I think you're at the wrong blog. I won't teach you how to boil water either. ;) Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those meals aren't post worthy, it's just that this time I bought premade burger patties from the butcher, and used packet mix mac and cheese. What? Don't give me that look, it was the weekend. Besides, for lunch yesterday we had Rabbit Mornay with steamed veg and fried potato slices. Both the children even ate a *shudder* steamed Brussel Sprout each. I didn't cook that though - we went to Mum's for lunch. So they plenty of 'real' food enough to be able to justify Pasta with Orange chemical sauce for dinner.

But since it's habit now to take a photo of every meal I cook, and the burgers looked so great, I thought I'd share our last two meals with you anyway.

I thought these burgers looked just like ones on tv

With very 'rustic' oven baked wedges

Mac & Cheese - my camera doesn't like the new tablecloth