Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mini Quiches - Retro Blog Party

Mini Quiches

It's Blog Party time again!
Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness has been running Blog Party for 3 years now. I've managed to attend once. I almost made it to the Chocolate Party in June with our Mini Mars Bar Cheesecakes, as I know Stephanie has a weak spot for cheesecake, but I never managed to blog a chocolate drink in time. Well, I had big plans, but Master 2-Month-Old's arrival and the moving of house a week later kinda interfered with those (in the nicest way). But now that I am back in the swing of blogging again, and keeping up to date with all my favourite foodies, I felt I should at least attempt to attend this month.

Stephanie describes the theme thusly:
For the purpose of Blog Party, 'retro' refers to the period from 1920 through the late 1960's. Other people may have their own ideas, but they're not running this blog, are they?!?

So, anything from my parents first twelve years of marriage then. I asked my parents what they were eating around then, and they suggested quiche. We eat quiche quite often, in fact the kids help me make it almost everytime we have it for dinner, so I thought this would be a nice dish. (It doesn't hurt that Master I-won't-eat-egg Four is more likely to eat the small ones!)

Making a big rectangle one for dinner.

"Look, I know it's your turn, but you are pouring too slow!"

The recipe is back here, the only difference to these ones were I had no onion, so I used half a green capsicum instead. They weren't quite as nice as usual, but I think I got away with it.

"I'm not sure this one is good enough for Blog Party Mum, I might have to eat it."

Two year old not included, shown for size illustrative purposes only

Go join in the retro fun here until the 21st, and look for the round up around Saturday. (Here it is)
Ooooh, almost forgot a drink. (That always gets me with blog party!)
Well, period or not, we served these with glasses of water and mugs of coffee. I'm still not on alcohol yet, so jello shots were out of the question, and somehow I doubt they were around back then, despite everything having 'jello' back then. How about I take a page out of last month's theme then, and instead of Blogger's Choice, I make it Reader's Choice? I'm sure you can all think of something more exciting than coffee. Though to come to think of it, a lot of the old photos of Mum and Dad when they were young had people drinking coffee. Or at least, something out of coffee cups, but I'll give them all the benefit of the doubt ;)


Debinhawaii said...

Love the mini quiches--perfect for the retro theme! Nice to *see* you at the party!

Gabi said...

Love your mini-quiches and your mini-helpers too :)
Glad you made it to the party this month xo

Natashya said...

So nice that you had help in the kitchen, good help being so hard to find.
I love mini quiches, mini just makes things taste twice as good.

Lysy said...

These are so cute (both the quiches and the helpers)! I think your coffee is a very sophisticated end of party choice, too :)