Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slow Cooking Thursday!

Now, I know, I hardly need another regular blog event, let alone another weekly one, since I continue to struggle with posting daily, but this is different. I mean, I was cooking a slow cooker meal on Thursdays anyway, to give me plenty of time in the afternoon to cook with the kids and not worry about having the dishes cleared in time to feed Master 9-week-old before cooking dinner. So when I saw that Sandra over at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom was hosting Slow Cooking Thursdays I just had to join in.

Not exactly the fanciest looking thing I've ever cooked

Tonight's dinner was adapted from an oven recipe for Beef and Red Wine Casserole over at Taste.Com.Au. Adapted in that I did the frying and the liquid boiling in a frypan, and tipped it into my slow cooker, then just left it to cook all day. I wasn't sure of the time I should have cooked it for, but as everything in my slow cooker just gets left until dinner time, I figured it really didn't matter. After all, isn't that the point? To be able to leave it all day? This was great anyway.
I saw a bottle of alcohol free shiraz in the supermarket, and used that for this dish. I only ever use wine for cooking anyway, so I prefer not to give the kids alcohol if I can help it. This made so much, I've got enough for a full meal in the freezer (that will possibly have leftovers) and I didn't even serve it with bread. I think when we have the frozen meal, I'll serve it with some barely steamed broccoli, and crusty homemade bread rolls.

This dish is officially approved by Miss Two

Oh, and come back tomorrow for a special treat: a slow cooker dessert called Chocolate Mess!


Renee said...

Your recipe sounds great! Thanks for sharing.


Sandra said...

I am all about wine and beef, so this one is a must try. :)

Thanks for joining in, I'm so glad you did!